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Dorine van Norren

Dorine van Norren

Dr. Dorine van Norren is an associated researcher at the Leiden University, Van Vollenhoven Institute for Law, Governance and Society. She obtained her phd at the Tilburg university and University of Amsterdam (Development as Service 2017). She has served as a diplomat in several countries and in several positions: Turkey, Sri Lanka; North America, Southern Africa and European integration desks as well as the advisory Council for International Affairs (AIV) and the ministry of education, culture and science (UNESCO coordinator). She is currently strategic advisor for North and South America and the Caribbean. She is also an artist with an exhibition, currently at the Rathenau Institute. The views in the article represent her personal views.

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Accepting multiple worldviews could lead to greater understanding, convergence of ideas and solidarity.

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Communicating the SDGs is now key, not only for their survival during the negotiations in the General Assembly next year, but also for their effective implementation.

A wheel of development for global governance

A new system is needed for global governance, in which there is harmony and balance between shared values.

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