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David Sogge

David Sogge

David Sogge works as an independent researcher based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In recent years he has published papers commissioned by the Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre / Norsk Ressurssenter for Fredsbygging (NOREF) in Oslo. His earlier research on human security and fragile states took place under auspices of the Centre for Social Studies at Coimbra University in Portugal, and the think-tank FRIDE in Madrid. Formally educated at Harvard and Princeton in the US, and the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague, the Netherlands, he has worked since 1970 in the foreign aid industry, including assignments for bilateral and multilateral agencies. Since 1993 he has been associated with the Transnational Institute, a worldwide fellowship of scholar activists headquartered in Amsterdam. Among his publications are Compassion and Calculation: The Business of Private Foreign Aid (Pluto Press,1996), and Give and Take. What’s the Matter with Foreign Aid (Zed Books, 2002).

Toxic knowledge

According to the State Secretary’s letter, the chief reason for introducing his new measures is to improve the quality of policy through better knowledge and its management, including quality control (‘bewaking van de wetenschappelijke kwaliteit’). That’s a very good reason. For in light of the kind of control actually exercised over ideas and knowledge…

Today’s global finance is like water flowing uphill

It is about time to start paying systematic attention to the resource transfers that are flowing from the world’s poor to the world’s rich, says David Sogge.

Is humanitarianism being hijacked?

I wonder if, at a conference dedicated to humanitarianism, there may be any sense of alarm about how the term is being employed these days.

Achieve the MDGs? First try reversing the upward redistribution of wealth

The Millennium Development Goals claim our attention as today’s pro-poor aid agenda. Yet going by who gets what and from whom, the world’s real agenda looks distinctly pro-rich.

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