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Duncan Green

Duncan Green

Duncan Green is Senior Strategic Advisor at Oxfam GB and a Visiting Fellow at the Institute for Development Studies. He is author of From Poverty to Power: How Active Citizens and Effective States can Change the World (Oxfam International, 2012, 2nd edition). His daily development blog can be found on He was previously a Visiting Fellow at Notre Dame University, a Senior Policy Adviser on Trade and Development at the Department for International Development (DFID), a Policy Analyst on trade and globalization at CAFOD, the Catholic aid agency for England and Wales and Head of Research and Engagement at the Just Pensions project on socially responsible investment. He is the author of several books on Latin America including Silent Revolution: The Rise and Crisis of Market Economics in Latin America (2003, 2nd edition), Faces of Latin America (2006, 3rd edition) and Hidden Lives: Voices of Children in Latin America and the Caribbean (1998). He can be contacted on

How adaptive are ‘Adaptive Management’ programmes in a crisis like Covid?

The biggest challenge is responding in the short term while maintaining a long-term view on the ‘big changes’ we are trying to support.

Post-2015 as if national politics really mattered

The post-2015 discussion on what should succeed the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) is picking up steam, with barely a day going by without some new paper, consultation or high level meeting. So I, along with Stephen Hale and Matthew Lockwood, decided to add to the growing slush-pile with a discussion paper: “How can a post-2015 agreement drive real change? The political economy of global commitments”.

INGOs: being right or relevant?

Normally I avoid discussions about the future of NGOs like the plague – they either involve a bunch of academics with only the vaguest idea of what we actually do all day, or a lot of senior managers emitting sonorous pronouncements on how we need to be more agile in a multi-polar world and use twitter a lot.

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