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Edith van Ewijk

Edith van Ewijk

Edith van Ewijk is a postdoc researcher at the UvA focusing on knowledge brokering and co-creation in multi-stakeholder platforms related to Food & Business Research. The research is funded by NWO-WOTRO, Science of Using Research (SURe). She is also attached to the partnership Wereld in Woorden/ WiW Global Research & Reporting. She has a background in Geography and International Development Studies. She finalised a PhD on knowledge exchange and mutual learning in Dutch-Moroccan and Dutch-Turkish municipal partnerships at the University of Amsterdam..

Expanding the evidence base on knowledge brokering in international development

To identify ways in which the use of evidence in policy and practice can be enhanced, the Science for Using Research (SURe) programme initiated three research projects. This article discusses their preliminary results.

Civil society consultations: worth the effort or window dressing?

Involving civil society organizations in the post-2015 drafting process is important, as implementation of the new agenda depends on their commitment.

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