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Evert-jan Quak

Evert-jan Quak

Evert-jan Quak is now Research Officer for the K4D Programme at the Institute of Development Studies. Evert-Jan was a freelance knowledge broker for The Broker on the themes ‘Inclusive Economy’ and ‘Food Security’. Over his career, he has specialized in international economics, corporate social responsibility and trade issues. Evert-Jan is the author of the book Het onzichtbare label (‘The invisible label’), in which he tackles the question of why current corporate social responsibility policies do not seem to work. Evert-Jan has a degree in international economics and economic geography from the University of Utrecht. He has a mixed professional background, both as a journalist and a policy advisor in international development.

Foreign investment disputed

Foreign direct investment (FDI) is often seen as the best way to boost the economies of developing countries. But this is only true under strict conditions. If those conditions are not met, FDI can even hamper economic development.

Money on the move – the crumbling tax base of developing countries

Developing countries lower their taxes to attract foreign investment. Rich individuals and multinationals use tax havens to evade taxes. Both of these processes are eroding the tax base of many governments. Yet development policy makers and researchers have so far ignored the issue of taxation.

Equal partners? – ACP–EU trade liberalization

The Economic Partnership Agreements between the European Union and 77 African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries will not cause markets in the South to be swamped with European imports, as opponents suggest. But they will result in dramatic reductions in government revenues.

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