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Evert-jan Quak

Evert-jan Quak

Evert-jan Quak is now Research Officer for the K4D Programme at the Institute of Development Studies. Evert-Jan was a freelance knowledge broker for The Broker on the themes ‘Inclusive Economy’ and ‘Food Security’. Over his career, he has specialized in international economics, corporate social responsibility and trade issues. Evert-Jan is the author of the book Het onzichtbare label (‘The invisible label’), in which he tackles the question of why current corporate social responsibility policies do not seem to work. Evert-Jan has a degree in international economics and economic geography from the University of Utrecht. He has a mixed professional background, both as a journalist and a policy advisor in international development.

Focus on employment in economic strategies – Policy recommendations

To solve the structural problems related to unemployment, a radical policy shift is needed. Innovation policies must focus on job-intensive sectors. Governments must curb free capital flows with more regulation and stimulate financial institutions to invest in productive sectors and employment opportunities. The current trade and investment regime must be reshaped. Tax on labour needs to be dramatically reduced in order to compensate for low wages. And a basic income should be part of a job guarantee programme.

Clarifying the global employment trends: What to read and where

Welcome to The Broker’s dossier on employment. This dossier reveals that the labour policy debate should sharpen its focus and scope beyond the labour market and skills approach to include broader issues like taxation, financial regulation, trade policy, and technological innovation.

Revaluing labour

The belief that economic growth– together with low inflation rates, technological innovations and good education–is enough to create all the jobs a country needs, is in decline. The reality now is that technology is improving so fast that better education is not an automatic guarantee for a good job.

Global governance of cities

The eyes of the world are on emerging powers. Generally, we consider these to be countries, but other powers are emerging: the world’s megacities.

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