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Evert-jan Quak

Evert-jan Quak

Evert-jan Quak is now Research Officer for the K4D Programme at the Institute of Development Studies. Evert-Jan was a freelance knowledge broker for The Broker on the themes ‘Inclusive Economy’ and ‘Food Security’. Over his career, he has specialized in international economics, corporate social responsibility and trade issues. Evert-Jan is the author of the book Het onzichtbare label (‘The invisible label’), in which he tackles the question of why current corporate social responsibility policies do not seem to work. Evert-Jan has a degree in international economics and economic geography from the University of Utrecht. He has a mixed professional background, both as a journalist and a policy advisor in international development.

Movements towards social entrepreneurship

This infographic shows the movements from non-profit and for-profit organizations towards social entrepreneurship.

Collective impact at the base of the pyramid

Both multinationals and social entrepreneurs develop products and services for and with the base of the pyramid (BoP) to serve the demands of these poor communities. Many see social entrepreneurs as the solution to implementing more effective and inclusive innovations. But these individual entrepreneurs have limited resources and do not reach scale easily. Are social enterprises better suited to work at the base of the pyramid market than multinationals?

Social enterprises: catalysts of economic transition?

Social entrepreneurship is growing fast. However, its success depends on more than quantity alone. Isolated social enterprises cannot deliver impact beyond the microeconomic scale. They need to be part of a broader system and aware of the different layers behind local problems to become more influential and successfully increase impact as change agents.

Sharpening the focus of a blurred landscape – What to read and where?

Welcome to The Broker Dossier on Social Entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship is increasingly popular as a way of doing business while achieving a social and economic impact. However, many questions still remain about what social entrepreneurship exactly is, how to engage in social business and how to increase its social impact. In this dossier, The Broker aims to sharpen the focus and scope of the current debate on social entrepreneurship.

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