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Frans Bieckmann

Frans Bieckmann

Frans Bieckmann is former executive director and editor in chief at The Broker. He left The Broker in december 2017. He is currently employed as Strategic Advisor at the Gemeente Amsterdam. Frans has a degree in international relations at the University of Amsterdam and has 30 years’ experience as a researcher, journalist and advisor on issues in development and globalization. In August 2012, Frans published the book Soedan – Het sinistere spel om macht, rijkdom en olie, a detailed analysis of international involvement with Sudan and the conflict in Darfur.

Creating a virtuous circle

Is circular migration the ‘silver bullet’ for achieving a ‘triple win’ – for the host countries, the migrants’ countries of origin, and the migrants themselves? Reaching a real win–win–win situation will require more than just positive thinking.

Editorial: Breaking down barriers

Development professionals, policy makers and scientists in the field of global issues have for a long time been separated by institutional boundaries, cultural barriers and poor communication. But for some time now the trend has been towards integration, cooperation, forging linkages and bridging gaps.

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