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Frans Bieckmann

Frans Bieckmann

Frans Bieckmann is former executive director and editor in chief at The Broker. He left The Broker in december 2017. He is currently employed as Strategic Advisor at the Gemeente Amsterdam. Frans has a degree in international relations at the University of Amsterdam and has 30 years’ experience as a researcher, journalist and advisor on issues in development and globalization. In August 2012, Frans published the book Soedan – Het sinistere spel om macht, rijkdom en olie, a detailed analysis of international involvement with Sudan and the conflict in Darfur.

Concerns about the European middle class – part 2

The hard knocks being suffered by the European middle class are leading to shifts in the political landscape of Europe. The causes date back to long before the financial crisis of 2008. It is therefore an illusion to hope that this dip is temporary, and that we will recover from it simply through ‘business as usual’, as many politicians and policy-makers in Europe still seem to believe.

Concerns about the European middle class – part 3

‘The squeezed-out middle’ – a concept that mainly appears in American debates but which, as The Broker’s dossier shows, applies increasingly to Europe – is in fact the flipside of inequality.

Concerns about the European middle class – part 1

Today’s Europe seems barely equipped to tackle the challenges of the twenty-first century. It is time to lay a new political, economic and financial foundation for the European project.

Clash with Syriza: what does reform really mean? Part 2

Another Perspective is The Broker’s new blog. The title reflects The Broker’s ambition to look at globalization issues in different ways. Through this blog, we also keep our followers up to date on matters that concern us.

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