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Frank van Kesteren

Frank van Kesteren

Frank is a knowledge broker working for the INCLUDE knowledge platform. He previously worked on the Migration Trail living analysis and for the Post-2015 dossier at the Broker. Frank holds a Bachelor of International Development Studies from Wageningen University and Research Centre and completed a Research Master of Science in International Development Studies from University of Amsterdam. In his master’s thesis he looked at the impact of globalizing food markets on the cognitive capacities (i.e. skills and knowledge) of food consumers and their relationship with sustainable consumption in Argentina. He has an interest in inclusive development, sociology, the political economy and consumer studies.

Upcoming: Broker Day 2019

Bye bye Calimero! This is the title of our Broker Day, which will take place on 6 November 2019 (13:00–18:00) in the Hague at the Bazaar…

Job Booster: promoting employment services in LIMCs

What we learnt from collected knowledge on boosting youth employment in low and middle income countries.

Migration: definitions and debates in terminology

In order to provide a clear analysis of current international migration flows and policies, clear definitions are required. The key terms used in debates on migration are outlined below. Some terms are followed by short discussions regarding the usefulness of the terms. An explanation on which terminology is used in the Migration Trail is also discussed.

An overview of United Nations and European Union migration regulations

The Migration Trail focuses on directions and improvements of European migration policies. To do so it is important to outline first how these policies are embedded within international regulations. This article therefore outlines the most important regulations on migration at the level of the European Union (EU) and United Nations (UN).

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