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Gerda Verburg

Gerda Verburg

Gerda Verburg was appointed Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality in 2007. In her period as minister, she gave priority and special attention to innovative and sustainable agriculture and food security at national, EU and international level. After her term as minister, she was appointed Ambassador/ Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the UN Organizations for Food and Agriculture in Rome (FAO, WFP and IFAD). In October 2013 Gerda Verburg was elected as Chair of the UN Committee on World Food Security (CFS). This is a multi-stakeholder committee where governments, civil society, private sector, research institutions and others deal with food and nutrition related topics.

Paradoxes in food security: moving beyond self-interest

In his 1963 speech to the United Nations General Assembly, the late US president John F. Kennedy expressed two ambitions for that decade: to commit to a manned moon mission and to end world poverty and hunger. On 21 July 1969, Apollo 11 landed on the moon. However, we still have not ended hunger.

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