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Giovanni Puttin

Giovanni Puttin

Giovanni is Communications and Innovation Broker for The Broker and INCLUDE knowledge platform. Over the course of the years, Giovanni focused on the digital needs of civil society organisations, working on digital projects, digital communications, and digital marketing. He loves to help organisations identify digital strategies, define goals, and find the best tools for them to succeed and communicate more effectively. Giovanni has a bachelor’s degree in International Politics from the University of Bologna and a master’s degree in International Development from the University of Manchester. In the course of his professional career he further continued his education focusing on digital project management and digital marketing.

Trilogy series: Decolonisation of development cooperation

This Future Brief, the first in a trilogy co-developed by Partos and The Broker investigates the legacies that development cooperation inherited from the colonial project.

Working with religious actors – a synthesis report

It’s been six months in the making, and here it is: Our synthesis report on collaborating with religious actors for sustainable development. Commissioned by Prisma,…

future brief series article image

The Future Briefs Series: a new initiative by Partos and The Broker

What are the most pressing development issues and how can development organisations create dynamic and adaptive pathways that withstand future uncertainties? These questions lie at…

programming flexibility banner

Programming Flexibility

The Broker, ZOA, and Netherlands Food Partnership, have started a new project aimed at better understanding and making explicit  the role and use of flexibility in the programming and funding structures of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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