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Hannah Itcovitz

Hannah Itcovitz

Hannah Itcovitz holds an MA in Economics, an MSc in Urban Management and Development, specialising in resilience, and has a background working as a knowledge broker and research assistant in various development-related issues. Her skillset lies in balancing analytical and creative thinking. Hannah is fascinated by the complexity of development challenges and strives to make solutions more integrated, context-based and locally-relevant.

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Four myths about flexible programming that limit I/NGO effectiveness in protracted crises

For some time now, the call for more flexible approaches to programming in protracted crises has gained support in the community of humanitarian and development professionals. A call that has gained new momentum since the global Covid-19 crisis. Flexible programming allows organisations to remain relevant in fluid environments like humanitarian crises, or while building resilience to shocks and stresses such as drought or local conflict.

β€˜What knowledge brokers do’ #2: How basic services turned digital

The INCLUDE knowledge platform, in which The Broker is one of three consortium partners which make up the secretariat, is one of our longest-standing project…

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