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Ineke Malsch

Ineke Malsch

Ineke Malsch is an independent consultant and science writer on technology and society and director of Malsch TechnoValuation, founded in Utrecht, the Netherlands in 1999. She has graduated in Physics from the University of Utrecht in 1991 and specialized in Environmental Impact Assessment and Science and Technology Studies. She has extensive experience in European research policy including at the European Parliament (STOA unit) and at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, Institute for Prospective Technological Studies in Seville, Spain, as well as in EU-funded projects. She has also been involved in projects for the Rathenau Institute for Parliamentary Technology Assessment in the Netherlands, several magazines and other clients.

Dutch Nanodialogue concluded

The Committee Societal Dialogue Nanotechnology (CieMDN) recently offered its final report: “Responsibly onwards with nanotechnology; findings March 2009-January 2011,” to the Dutch government. State secretary…

Nanotechnology, peace and security: don’t be naïve

A recent debate, led by Dr Bärbel Dorbeck-Jung at the University of Twente discussed responsibility and other ethical and societal aspects of civilian (nano)technology development…

Technology undermining State sovereignty

Last week, I attended the Fall Lecture of the International Criminal Law Network in The Hague, on ‘The Prohibition of Chemical and Biological Weapons under International Criminal Law’. Prof. Barry Kellman, from the International Security and Biopolicy Institute, suggested that the governance of emerging bio-, chem-and nanotechnologies applicable in ‘disease weapons’ could make it necessary to impose limits to State sovereignty.

Debating nanopeace with Kees Homan and Dave Blank

18 November 2010, 11.00–12.45, at the University of Twente, Enschede – this is the last opportunity to discuss the implications for peace and security of…

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