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Jacqueline Vrancken

Jacqueline Vrancken

Jacqueline is a knowledge broker for various projects at The Broker. Although she started in the field of tourism management with bachelor degrees from schools in Breda and Macao (SAR, China), Jacqueline soon switched to the international development sector. She obtained a Masters in International Development Studies, specializing in Disaster Studies, from Wageningen University. During her internship, she implemented and evaluated small enterprise groups in pastoralist communities in South Sudan and conducted her thesis research on the relations between returnees and ‘stayees’ in connection to their livelihoods. Jacqueline has also completed a traineeship at the West Africa Division of the European External Action Service, gained activist experience with PAX for Peace, worked at a commercial start-up, and supported the development of social businesses at a municipality in the Netherlands.

Pathways for market-oriented development on the HDP nexus

In settings that are affected by prolonged crises, and particularly when conflict is involved, the ‘new normal’ of crisis has long since become daily reality.

Lessons on market-oriented food security programming in fragile settings

Presenting two quick-scans as part of the ongoing study by The Broker on ‘aid transitions in fragility and protracted crisis settings’.

The Broker’s year in review: manifesting change for the future

Over the course of 2018, The Broker realised some big changes. With the start of a new year, it is time to reflect on this exciting time and take a look at what you can expect from us in 2019.

  • access_time 4 - 6 min

  • 17 January, 2019

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Indicators for the nexus between food systems and stability

Discussion paper mapping the indicators used by various donor organizations and INGOs in areas linked to the nexus between food systems and stability.

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