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Jonathan Glennie

Jonathan Glennie

Jonathan Glennie is an independent consultant and writer. He has recently left the Overseas Development Institute which he joined in 2010 to lead the organisation’s research and policy advice on the future of development cooperation. His work at ODI included engagements with the OECD, EU, UN agencies, USAID, the Gates Foundation, and a wide variety of official, academic and civil society entities across the world. Previously he worked for Christian Aid, first as a policy adviser on development finance (where he helped develop some of the now-ubiquitous critique of international tax policy), and then as country director in Colombia, working on land rights and displacement. In 2008 he published The Trouble with Aid: Why less could mean more for Africa (Zed Books). He is a regular columnist for The Guardian‘s Global Development website. He has qualifications in Theology, Sustainable Development and Economics.

The two sides of the universality coin

How to really achieve development’s latest buzzword, universality, in the post-2015 agenda.

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