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Joris Tielens

Joris Tielens

Joris Tielens is a science journalist based in Wageningen, the Netherlands. He writes about research in the social, agricultural and environmental sciences, focusing on international trade, globalization, development cooperation and sustainability. After obtaining a Masters degree in tropical land use at Wageningen University, during which he gained field experience in Africa, he had worked at Cereales, independent publisher of magazines for Wageningen University and Research Centre.

Converging egos – lessons on interdisciplinary research

In solving complex problems involving many different stakeholders, interdisciplinary research is indispensable. But cooperation between disciplines is not always easy. Since 2000 Wageningen University has funded a series of interdisciplinary research programmes. This article looks at the lessons that have been learned.

Livestock’s long shadow: Livestock and climate change

Anyone who wants to help prevent climate change would do better to give up eating meat rather than their car, suggests a recent FAO report.

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