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Joscha Betke

Joscha Betke

Joscha Betke is a knowledge broker at The Broker. He obtained his Research Master’s degree in International Development Studies at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) where he found his academic interest in connecting the worlds of wellbeing economics and urban development. For his master’s thesis he researched how the City of Amsterdam can facilitate a transition towards a more citizen-centred and environmentally sustainable policy approach. As research assistant in a project on designing a multidimensional wellbeing assessment instrument on community-level facilitated by the UvA and the City of Amsterdam, he learned about the interlinkages between research and policy. During his studies, Joscha engaged in social impact consulting to help young start-ups and organisations with a societal purpose to have a meaningful and lasting impact. His passion lies in the critical analysis of systemic challenges and policy issue which he developed after high school living and working for one year in Zambia and received a direction during his Bachelor’s in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

Doing what matters: Placing Wellbeing Economics at the heart of the Dutch Africa Strategy

The upcoming Dutch Africa will generate debate on how to create beneficial partnerships within the prevailing Aid and Trade Agenda. The real question, however, is how the Dutch government will ensure its policies actually serve the interests of local communities. According to Knowledge Broker Joscha Betke ‘Measuring what matters’ and placing communities’ well-being at the heart of the Africa strategy will be crucial to ensure its success.

Check your assumptions at the door: examining three common beliefs about youth agripreneurship

Youth agripreneurship, especially in the African context, is seen as an innovative, cross-cutting approach to tackle a multiplex of challenges, including youth unemployment and indecent employment, food insecurity and climate change.

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