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Jose Luis Vivero Pol

Jose Luis Vivero Pol

Jose Luis Vivero Pol is a PhD research fellow in the BIOGOV Unit of the Centre of Philosophy of Law, Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium. He is an anti-hunger and social rights activist with experience on food security policies and programmes, right to food advocacy and food sovereignty in Latin America, Africa and the Caucasus, having worked with the European Commission, FAO and several NGOs. Additionally, he has experience in biodiversity conservation and plant genetic resources. His previous research seeks to understand personal motivations, political incentives and institutional frameworks to gear the transition from the dominant industrial food system towards a fairer and more sustainable one, developing a rationale for considering food as a commons and advocating for a binding legal agreement to end hunger. Two of his latest books are New Challenges to the Right to Food (2011) and Derecho a la Alimentación, Políticas Públicas e Instituciones contra el Hambre (2009).

The food commons transition – Collective actions for food security

Treating food as a purely private good is denying millions of people access to this basic resource. Food should therefore be seen as a commons or public good. It could then be produced and distributed more effectively by a governance system combining market rules, public regulations and collective actions.

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