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Julia Bello-Schünemann

Julia Bello-Schünemann

Julia Bello-Schünemann joined the ISS Pretoria office in January 2013 as Senior Researcher and Project Leader for African Futures and Innovation. From May 2016 she has been working as Senior Researcher from Lagos, Nigeria. Before joining the ISS, Julia was a consultant focusing on peace and state building, conflict prevention and early warning. She provided policy advice to the EU, UNDP, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, among others. She has worked as a researcher at FRIDE, the Madrid based think-tank and for the European Commission’s Directorate for External Relations in Brussels. Julia holds a PhD degree in International Relations from the Complutense University Madrid, Spain and an MA in Communication, Political Science and Economics from Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich in Germany.

Population boom in West Africa: burden or opportunity?

West African governments aren’t investing enough in one of their greatest assets – a young population.

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