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Karlijn Kuijpers

Karlijn Kuijpers

Karlijn Kuijpers is Investigative Journalist at Investico – Platform voor Onderzoeksjournalistiek and Investigative Journalist at Trouw. She previously worked at SOMO as Researcher after completing her internship there. She obtained Master’s degrees in Global Criminology (Utrecht University) and Sustainable Development (Utrecht University and Universität Basel). For Global Criminology, she wrote the master’s thesis ‘Crimes and Harms on the Soy Frontier. A criminological analysis of soy from Santarém (Pará, Brazilian Amazon)’.

The soy game in the Brazilian Amazon

The rising production of soy for the global market has been one of the main drivers of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon. This is not only affecting the biodiversity of the Amazon region, but is also engendering severe violent conflicts in the region over the use of land. The ‘soy game’ is consistently won by the few people with a clear interest in the agribusiness sector at the expense of indigenous communities and small-scale farmers living and operating on the land that has been taken up to cultivate the soy for the global market.

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