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Karlijn Muiderman

Karlijn Muiderman

Karlijn Muiderman is now Anticipatory climate governance researcher at Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development at the Utrecht University. Karlijn previously worked as a knowledge broker on human security and coordinator of the Sahel Watch programme. She also worked with the Food and Business knowledge platform. Earlier she worked for the knowledge platform Security and Rule of Law. Karlijn studied international development in Amsterdam and journalism in Cardiff. Her interests include state building, peace processes, international interventions, rule of law and human security. Karlijn previously worked as a policy member on International Affairs & Globalization. During her studies she volunteered for Amnesty International and was a member of the Dutch ‘Third Chamber’.

Will development be short changed in Europe’s externalized foreign policy?

As development actions are increasingly being brought under the umbrella of top-down security and migration management the EU risks tipping the balance.

Sahel: Remove barriers and create a common ground

Practical and concrete approaches to regional food trade could advance a common political agenda and, thereby, positively impact on the Sahelian security situation

Rapprocher l’ONU et les Maliens

Deux ans et demi après le début de la mission des Nations Unies (MINUSMA) pour le maintien de la paix, Mahamady Togola et Naffet Keita ont partagé certaines conclusions sur les perceptions de la MINUSMA par la population.

Agricultural policy to stem migration: A look at Syria and the Sahel

Can the EU stem migration flows to Europe by supporting agriculture in countries of origin? In some situations, it can. The impact could be particularly large if Europe worked to increase the resilience of the food system and the people in countries with self-sustaining farming, thereby reducing reasons to migrate. Yet in countries that rely on market-oriented farming, the context is too complex to find a simple solution.

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