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Karlijn Muiderman

Karlijn Muiderman

Karlijn Muiderman is now Anticipatory climate governance researcher at Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development at the Utrecht University. Karlijn previously worked as a knowledge broker on human security and coordinator of the Sahel Watch programme. She also worked with the Food and Business knowledge platform. Earlier she worked for the knowledge platform Security and Rule of Law. Karlijn studied international development in Amsterdam and journalism in Cardiff. Her interests include state building, peace processes, international interventions, rule of law and human security. Karlijn previously worked as a policy member on International Affairs & Globalization. During her studies she volunteered for Amnesty International and was a member of the Dutch ‘Third Chamber’.

The Sahel, a complex cocktail of crime and politics

Despite the presence of peacemaking powers in the Sahel region, criminal groups continue to refuel regional conflict.

Is Africa becoming more powerful?

Jakkie Cilliers supports the current discourse of a rising Africa, but claims it is being disrupted by a lack of good governance, high inequality and population growth.

Is Mali’s peace agreement really a breakthrough?

During a signing ceremony on 20 June 2015, the Coordination of Movements of Azawad (CMA), commonly referred to as the ‘Tuareg Rebels’, signed the Algiers Peace Agreement – after a year of negotiations led by Algeria and three and a half years into the conflict. This is a success for the Algiers peace process, but its impact remains uncertain.

Theory of change: from targets to meaningful effects

There is no grand theory of change that can be applied to every intervention. Instead, there should be much more clarity on how external interventions will impact local dynamics, and vice versa.

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