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Karlijn Muiderman

Karlijn Muiderman

Karlijn Muiderman is now Anticipatory climate governance researcher at Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development at the Utrecht University. Karlijn previously worked as a knowledge broker on human security and coordinator of the Sahel Watch programme. She also worked with the Food and Business knowledge platform. Earlier she worked for the knowledge platform Security and Rule of Law. Karlijn studied international development in Amsterdam and journalism in Cardiff. Her interests include state building, peace processes, international interventions, rule of law and human security. Karlijn previously worked as a policy member on International Affairs & Globalization. During her studies she volunteered for Amnesty International and was a member of the Dutch ‘Third Chamber’.

Ebola’s international impact: analysis on the dynamics of a region in crisis

Liberia has been hit hardest by the Ebola outbreak. It makes sense to focus much attention to this country, as well as its neighbours Sierra Leone and Guinea. But Ebola is not just a crisis for Liberia Sierra Leone, or Guinea. The devastation it creates in these severely affected countries is also felt in the entire West-African region and beyond.

Building on whose values?

“We need to go back to a more fundamental question: should we be there in the first place?” This rather provocative point, raised by Olivia Umurerwa Rutazibwa (University of Portsmouth), proved central to a round table debate on engaging with non-state actors in fragile settings.

Beyond political haggling

I went to the meeting to hear Davidse give an update on the chances of getting security and conflict onto the post-2015 agenda. This time, he started off by saying: “I am much more optimistic.”

Suffering in silence: sexual violence against men in conflict

A recent UN workshop highlighted the ‘blind spot’ of men and boys as victims of sexual violence in conflict.

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