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Katharine Cross

Katharine Cross

Katharine Cross is Programmes Coordinator at the International Water Association (IWA). Katharine joined IWA in July 2012 as a Programmes Coordinator with a focus on water, climate and energy, and the linkage between basins and cities, as well as providing technical support to other programmes. She has a background in water resources and environmental management with an MSc in Environment and Development at the London School of Economics in 2005, a Master’s in Environmental Engineering from the University of Alberta, and a BSc in Environmental Biology from Queen’s University in Canada. Katharine previously worked for the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in Nairobi as the Technical Coordinator for Water and Wetlands in Eastern and Southern Africa, as well as with IUCN at the headquarters in Switzerland in the Global Water Programme. She has also worked as an environmental scientist for a consulting company in the oil and gas sector in Edmonton, Alberta, and on technical projects in Bolivia and Ghana with Engineers Without Borders.

The Water-Energy-Food nexus as solution

In order to address water infrastructure challenges, it is crucial to examine opportunities deriving from the Water-Energy-Food nexus.

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