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Katherine Kuschminder

Katherine Kuschminder

Dr. Katie Kuschminder is Assistant Professor at UNU-MERIT / Maastricht University. Katie's main research interests are in the areas of return and reintegration, irregular migrants journeys and migration governance. Katie has led migration projects for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, German Development Cooperation, ILO, IOM, NWO and WODC. Currently, she is a Work-Package Lead on the H2020 Admigov project. In 2016 she was awarded a Rubicon Grant from the NWO and completed a two-year fellowship at the European University Institute. Katie teaches in the MSc in Public Policy and Human Development, the Migration Management Diploma Programme, and coordinates the Migration Studies course at the University College Maastricht. She is the Understanding Cultures Global Challenges Working Group Representative to the World Universities Network (WUN) for Maastricht University.

Diaspora and knowledge transfer – the evidence

In the final addition to the Diaspora Inclusion dossier, Charlotte Mueller and Katie Kuschminder evaluate on IOM’s Connecting Diaspora for Development (CD4D) programme.

Lack of shared responsibility turns Turkey into gateway instead of safe stay

As both the largest host of refugees worldwide and a transit country for refugees travelling to Europe, Turkey is one of the main players in the current refugee crisis. Despite several government services to refugees, many decide to move on as their future in Turkey is uncertain. To effectively deal with the refugee crisis, the EU and other international players should provide further assistance to Turkey and other refugee-hosting nations, instead of asking Turkey to close its western borders.

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