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Kelly Alexander

Kelly Alexander

Kelly Alexander is a member of faculty and PHD candidate in the Department of Organisation Studies, Tilburg University. Her research is focused on Social Entrepreneurship in Sub-Saharan Africa. In particular it focuses on the role of institutions in shaping Social Entrepreneurship, and the innovative business models social entrepreneurs adopt in seeking to attain their organisational goals. Kelly graduated with a Master in Development Sociology and has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Administration. In a former life – before relocating to the Netherlands to pursue her PhD - Kelly worked in numerous organisations in South Africa. Her career is centred on emerging markets (predominantly Sub-Saharan Africa) and understanding drivers of socio-economic development.

Impact of COVID-19 in Africa: a scenario analysis to 2030

The coronavirus has once again brought to the fore the African challenges and exposed the frailty of many of the institutions across the continent.

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