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Kim van Wijk

Kim van Wijk

Kim van Wijk is a communications and innovation broker for INCLUDE knowledge platform and The Broker. Kim is a real connector, has a talent for simplifying and integrating complex problems, and excels in being a connecting team member. She has contributed to a wide range of projects on food security programming, global civil society movements and inclusive policy making. Her creative spirit and open minded attitude takes projects to a level where traditional constructs and borders are overcome. With these skills, she is The Broker's online developer, leading INCLUDE's and The Broker's online presence, branding, communications and virtual meetings. Kim has a degree in interdisciplinary studies and biomedical sciences, but soon found that her strength lies in contributing to work that revolves around people.

‘What knowledge brokers do’ #2: How basic services turned digital

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‘What knowledge brokers do’ #1: Looking into Africa’s COVID-19 response

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In the urban consumer’s shoes

One coalition, one common aim: enabling urban consumers to make healthy dietary choices. Meet the Urban Food Environments coalition.

Traditions and circularity against food shocks

A trip across Africa and South (East) Asia to see how researchers, farmers, businesses and policy-makers explore opportunities of giving their food systems a little shake.

  • access_time 2 - 4 min

  • 23 November, 2020

  • label_outline News

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