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Kiza Magendane

Kiza Magendane

Kiza Magendane is a writer and political scientist with a special interest in African politics, migration and identity. He is passionate about connecting people and organisations to find solutions for shared challenges. He studied political science in Amsterdam and Antwerp, holding a master degree in that field. Kiza is working as a freelance writer and policy entrepreneur.

Decolonisation of humanitarianism: a road of responsibility, justice and democratisation

In the third session in the series โ€˜The Decolonization of Aidโ€™, keynote speakers Tamman Aloudat and Nanette Salvador-Antequisa join the conversation with Kiza Magendane to discuss what a truly decolonised humanitarian sector could look like.

Transformational solidarity: the journey towards decolonising development cooperation

In the debate about the decolonisation of the aid industry, it is often argued that true decolonisation will be realised if the international aid system…

Taking a historical perspective on the decolonization of aid

Dr. Arua Oko Omaka, historian at Alex Ekwueme Federal University, holds up an iconic black-and-white picture of a poor and hungry child suffering the consequences…

A colourful conclusion

Here it is! The Diaspora Inclusion magazine, a colourful conclusion to the Diaspora Inclusion dossier.

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