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Kiza Magendane

Kiza Magendane

Kiza Magendane is a writer and political scientist with a special interest in African politics, migration and identity. He is passionate about connecting people and organisations to find solutions for shared challenges. He studied political science in Amsterdam and Antwerp, holding a master degree in that field. Kiza is working as a freelance writer and policy entrepreneur.

Supporting diaspora entrepreneurs – Zidicircle

The journey of Fridah Ntarangwi, from an ambitious diaspora entrepreneur to founder of Entrepreneurship and Financing Platform ‘Zidicircle’.

Fridah Ntarangwi, this article tells the story of her journey and the resulting Entrepreneurship and Financing Platform Zidicircle.

Cash transfers for food and futures

New insights into cash transfer programming as a tool to realize food security in fragile settings.

Diaspora unlocked – Knowledge transfers & entrepreneurship

To learn more about the initiatives and the vision of IOM The Netherlands regarding diaspora inclusion and the role of multilateral organisations, The Broker interviewed two of their senior officials.

A new journey with IOM the Netherlands

The Broker and IOM Nederland will provide a platform to diaspora professionals and entrepreneurs to shed more light on their potential and how this can be tapped into more effectively to benefit diaspora groups, their countries of origin as well as their new home country.

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