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Kiza Magendane

Kiza Magendane

Kiza Magendane is a writer and political scientist with a special interest in African politics, migration and identity. He is passionate about connecting people and organisations to find solutions for shared challenges. He studied political science in Amsterdam and Antwerp, holding a master degree in that field. Kiza is working as a freelance writer and policy entrepreneur.

Local perspective

Consider the following three reflections when conducting data advocacy with conflict-affected communities

The tool ‘Data advocacy with conflict-affected communities’, develops a framework that organizations can use for evidence-led advocacy to connect local perspectives in conflict-affected settings to multiple levels of policy-making.

Local perspective

A new tool for data advocacy with conflict-affected communities

How can evidence-led advocacy be organized with conflict-affected communities, and what role can I/NGOs play in helping to bring these local(ized) advocacy priorities to policy…

  • 26 November, 2020

  • label_outline News

Cash transfers, food security, fragile settings

Cash transfers for food security in fragile settings

Short-read on the triad relationship between cash transfer programming, food security and fragile settings.

racism and whiteness in the international development sector

A hard look in the mirror: reflecting on racism and whiteness in the development sector

While people often like to believe otherwise, the international development community is not immune to racism. Dismantling the blind spots in international development.

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