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Klaartje Jaspers

Klaartje Jaspers is an independent journalist. Treasuring her independence, she thoroughly researches the topic at hand before she goes public. In doing so, she likes to combine narratives and personal observations with related data and insights from the sciences. After studying Interdisciplinary Social Sciences at the University of Utrecht, Klaartje specialized in Development Studies, focusing on rural development in Sub-Saharan Africa. To do this, she took additional courses in African Studies, Environmental Management (Institute of Environmental Sciences, Leiden University) and Medical Anthropology (University of Amsterdam). She devoted her concluding research to the coordination between different NGOs working in the Kavango region, in the far north of Namibia. After graduating, she continued with a post-academic journalism degree (PDOJ) at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Since 2002, she has been working as a freelance journalist, investigating a range of global issues and looking for stories that can breach gaps between different audiences.

Bringing stability elsewhere, taking instability home

The repercussions for communities where peacekeepers are stationed are often debated, but the effects on countries that send troops are usually forgotten.

Looking beyond success stories – Legislators and companies need to adapt their ways of working

To give local and international businesses a new role in assuring inclusive growth in Africa, the African Studies Centre and the Netherlands African Business Council organized the two-day Africa Works! 2014 conference. They invited 740 representatives from business, government, NGOs and knowledge institutes to come to Leiden and create new partnerships. To make sure both host and investing countries sustainably benefit from new business opportunities, they need to look beyond success stories.

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