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Lawrence Bategeka

Lawrence Bategeka

Lawrence Bategeka is a Senior Research Fellow at the Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC), Kampala, Uganda.

PPPs in Uganda: start with farmers’ knowledge

The past two decades have been a period of market-based economics in Uganda, with a public expenditure programme driven by macroeconomic stabilization on the one hand, and achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) through provision of public services on the other.

Tackling Inequality in Uganda

Tackling inequality in Uganda entails a comprehensive development framework that puts people’s participation in the economic growth process at the centre. People must be viewed as agents of economic growth and transformation and not passive recipients of social services and/or handouts from either development partners or their own government.

Adding extra ingredients to the MDGs

The eight MDGs could simply be summarized as a desire to reduce poverty (MDG 1) through addressing its various dimensions such as hunger, malnutrition, poor health (including addressing HIV/AIDS, malaria, and poor maternal health), lack of basic education, gender inequity, and environmental deterioration.

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