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Linda Midgley

Linda Midgley

Linda Midgley is responsible for Total Impact Measurement and Management within PwC NL’s Sustainability team. She assists organisations with measuring and monetising the impacts they have on society. These include social and environmental impacts, both positive and negative. Current and past projects focus on various aspects of impact measurement such as: defining impact pathways, measuring social and environmental impacts, monetising impacts and advising organisations on how to include these in their internal and external reporting. In addition to her consulting work, Linda frequently gives master classes on impact measurement and valuation. She is one of a team of PwC professionals providing supporting services to Social Enterprise NL. PwC and Social Enterprise NL have formed an alliance aimed at professionalising the emerging social enterprises sector.

Measuring and managing societal impact

Effective total impact measurement can help social entrepreneurs to make better business decisions. However, many social enterprises are not yet measuring impact.

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