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Lucia Sanchez

Lucia Sanchez

Lucia Sanchez is the Director of the Small & Medium Enterprise Initiative at Innovations for Poverty Action. She provides strategic leadership to the initiative, coordinates its research network and agenda, and leads the initiative's efforts on project development, fundraising and outreach. Prior to joining IPA, she worked on the design and implementation of SME development policies in Vietnam (at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization), and Argentina (both at the National Ministry of Industry and at the National Bank of Argentina). Lucia holds a Masters degree in Public Administration in International Development (MPA/ID) from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, where she was a Fulbright and Harvard Presidential Fellow. She also holds a graduate degree in Development Economics from FLACSO and a BA in Sociology from University of Buenos Aires.

Managers through classroom training?

Business training programs are a popular tool used by policy-makers to promote SME growth. However, recent evidence suggests that these programs rarely lead to firm growth or job creation. What do we know about how to effectively support SME development?

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