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Marc van den Homberg

Marc van den Homberg

Dr. Marc van den Homberg is senior expertise consultant in the Networked Organisations group of TNO. He is the co-founder of the ICT for Development (ICT4D) team at TNO and works on improving networked organizations and increasing the resilience of fragile communities in developing countries through ICT and media, information management and coordination mechanisms in the disaster management, disaster risk reduction and comprehensive approach/civil-military interaction domain. He is technical team member of the NATO HFM 241 Research and Technology Group on Social Media and Information Technology for Disaster and Crisis Response and of the Disaster Resilience Lab, where he participated in innovative field-research in The Philippines one month after the Typhoon Haiyan made landfall. Marc works with the Catholic Organisation for Relief and Development Aid (Cordaid) on an innovative cross-border early warning system in India and Nepal and on setting up a resilience information value provider for fragile communities in Bangladesh. Marc has short term field experience in Africa (Burundi, Burkina Faso, South Africa) and Asia (Bangladesh, India, Nepal, The Philippines and Vietnam). In relation to his duties within TNO, Marc is a reserve officer in the Dutch 1 Civil Military Interaction Command where he participated in a military assistance exercise in the Sahel region with the Dutch special forces and the comprehensive approach exercise of the 1 GNC Common Effort. Marc holds an MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management (specializing on entrepreneurship in emerging economies) and a PhD in physics from Delft University of Technology.

What management theory can contribute to the Comprehensive Approach

Management theory can provide interesting insights and solutions for problems faced with the planning of joint operations.

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