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Mariano Aguirre

Mariano Aguirre

Mariano Aguirre is senior Advisor and leader of the Colombia programme at the Norwegian centre for conflict resolution NOREF. He worked before in the Peace Research Centre and FRIDE, in Madrid, and as program officer on peace and security at the Ford Foundation in New York.

Pathways to peace – A challenging road ahead for Colombia

The success of the peace process now depends on the ability of the government to address structural issues like inequality, which have surfaced as crucial dividing lines in this conflict.

The day the foreign policy bubble will burst

This post is the introduction speech of Mariano Aguirre at the Seminar “Emerging Powers in the 21st Century” that took place in Oslo, Norway, 4 April 2011. This seminar is focussed on analyzing aspects of the international system’s new configurations, in particular how the rising power of some of the so-called Southern countries are affecting the fields of global governance, multilateralism, South-South cooperation, humanitarianism, and how regional leaderships can play important roles in mediation, reconciliation and peacebuilding.

Pernicious parallels – US war policy from Vietnam to Afghanistan

The United States’ protracted fight against insurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan have raised the spectre of the Vietnam war. Mariano Aguirre reviews recent literature on US wartime policies from Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Building peace, states and hybrids – International operations in post-conflict countries

International missions that aim to support stability, peace- and state-building in crisis areas are often unsure of how to move forward. The idea is gaining ground that a ‘revisioning’ of such interventions is needed. Hybrid is the new buzzword.

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