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Mariëlle Karssenberg

Mariëlle Karssenberg

Mariëlle Karssenberg is knowledge broker at Netherlands Food Partnership. She is passionate about making social and technical interconnections, especially in the field of food and nutrition security. During her Advanced Master International Development (AMID), Marielle worked as a policy officer Food and Nutrition Security at the Inclusive Green Growth Department of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Before this, Mariëlle studied innovation and the interaction between society and technology in the agricultural sector during her Master’s in International Development Studies. As a knowledge broker, Mariëlle is able to combine her passion to connect knowledge to policy and her experience in the agricultural sector perfectly.

Getting iodized salt on the plate

This report describes the dynamics, barriers, and opportunities in relation to strengthening the flow of iodized salt in West and Central Africa.

Cash transfers for food and futures

New insights into cash transfer programming as a tool to realize food security in fragile settings.

Cash transfers, food security, fragile settings

Cash transfers for food security in fragile settings

Short-read on the triad relationship between cash transfer programming, food security and fragile settings.

Cash transfers, food and fragility – a new Broker project with a special partnership

A new project was launched by The Broker in collaboration with three knowledge platforms on cash transfers in relation to food and nutrition security and fragility.

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