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Morten Bøås

Morten Bøås

Morten Bøås (PhD) is Research Professor at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) and works on issues concerning peace and conflict in Africa, including issues such as land rights and citizenship conflicts, youths, ex-combatants and the new landscape of insurgencies and geopolitics. He has published extensively on African politics and development. His publications include, African Guerrillas: Raging Against the Machine (Lynne Rienner, 2007, co-edited with Kevin Dunn), International Development Vol. I-IV (Sage Publications, 2010, co-edited with Benedicte Bull), The Politics of Origin in Africa (Zed Books, 2013, co-authored with Kevin Dunn), and The Politics of Conflict Economies (Routledge, 2015).

When the dust settles: what will Droukdel’s death mean for the jihadist project in the Sahel?

The question is whether this strategy of decapitation works or not. We argue that at best it is a tactical achievement which could have unintended consequences.

The violence in Mali is getting bloodier, but religion is not necessarily at its root

The massacre of Fulani in central Mali on 23 March marks a grave, new turn in the conflict. How did we get here?

Refugees across the Mediterranean: causes and consequences

Refugee transport is a new and growing industry in Libya, posing difficult questions for European policymakers.

The Algiers process – a step towards lasting peace in Mali?

After eight months of hard talks the Algiers process resulted in a ceasefire agreement and the final draft of a peace plan on 1 March. The ‘Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation in Mali from the Algiers Process’ represents a compromise between the government in Bamako and the Tuareg and Arab rebel groups present in the negotiations.

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