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Nicky Pouw

Nicky Pouw

Nicky Pouw received her PhD at the Free University Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 2008, based on extensive field research on the characterization and monitoring of poverty in rural Uganda. Part of her training took place at Essex University, UK, and at the World Bank in Washington, DC, USA. As a member of the Governance for Inclusive Development research group at UvA, she is involved in research projects on rural development, women and agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa, and on poverty, inequality and well-being in Sri Lanka and South Africa. She is a member of the Eastern American Economics Association and a board member of the Scientific Committee of the Africa Study Centre at Leiden University. She is currently researching inclusive economics theories and policies in global economic development.

Wellbeing economics: guiding inclusive development beyond obsolete thinking

Pathways to inclusive development need to be informed by more than economic growth models alone.

Shifting gears

Economists seem to find it difficult to accept different schools of economic thought. But pluralism in economic thinking is the solution to the complexity of the real world that surrounds us.

Inclusieve visie op ontwikkeling

The gist of the matter is in the interconnections

How much inequality are we prepared to accept, asks Nicky Pouw. If we can’t live together, we are going to die alone.

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