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Ninja Lacey

Ninja Lacey

Ninja is a knowledge broker for various projects at The Broker. She completed her Master's degree in International Development Studies, focussing on land rights during both her research in rural Zambia and her internship with the Inclusive Green Growth Department of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Since then, she has gained experience in the NGO sector. As a knowledge broker, Ninja is passionate about translating knowledge into impact, to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Broker’s Dialogue Guide to working with faith-based actors for sustainable development

The final knowledge product for the project ‘Working with faith-based actors for sustainable development’,  is a Dialogue Guide that seeks to provide a starting point for development practitioners and policymakers – both religious and secular – to engage in an open dialogue on the role of religion in development cooperation.

The Broker in 2021: seizing opportunities during a year of uncertainty

In this article we present a selection of our work in 2021, a challenging year that demanded a lot of flexibility and resilience from our knowledge brokers, but also reaffirmed how important our work is.

  • access_time 6 - 8 min

  • 19 January, 2022

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‘What knowledge brokers do’ #3: working together for healthy diets for all

The Netherlands Food Partnership (NFP) supports transformative collective impact coalitions to achieve urgent changes for sustainable food systems in low- and middle-income countries. The coalitions…

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