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Remmelt de Weerd

Remmelt de Weerd

Remmelt is managing director and final editor at The Broker. Additionally, he is The Broker’s point person on Central and Eastern European issues. Besides his work at The Broker, Remmelt also works as a research journalist for the Dutch journalism platform ‘De Correspondent’, focusing on investigative reporting. Remmelt has a BSc in Human Geography from Utrecht University and an MSc in Political Geography from the University of Amsterdam. His general interest as a geographer lies with conflicting scales of power in a globalizing world. During his studies, he focused on the political geography of Central and Eastern Europe. He is also well informed on European politics and initiated an EU-fact checking website in 2013.

Resources on the middle class

The international discussion on the middle class is taking place on many levels. The table here contains a number of institutional reports, research papers and other sources that The Broker’s editors have found useful in preparing the Middle Class Dossier. We hope that this overview can help you dig deeper into the subject. The list is divided in five categories: 1) Primary data, 2) Reports of international organizations, institutional, and private sector, 3) Articles of experts on popular media, 4) Scholarly articles and white papers, and 5) Articles and dossiers published by (multi)media.

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