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Richmond Antwi-Bediako

Richmond Antwi-Bediako

Richmond is a Researcher, Environment and Social Specialist. He is currently the Executive Director of Rural Environmental Care Association (RECA), Chairmen of Civil Society Coalition on Land (CICOL), lead person in the CoCooN project in Africa (Jatropha and Rural land alienation in Ghana and Ethiopia). He has worked on a number of national and international projects for: Tropenbos International, Forestry Commission (Ghana), Abosso Goldfields, Golden Star Wassa Mining Company, Care International, UNDP, DANIDA, FAO, DFID, International Cocoa Initiative, Ministry for Lands, Forestry and Mines (Ghana), Ministry for Employment and social Welfare(Ghana), Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research, Eleqtra ( Infraco), Vimetco Ghana Bauxite.

The seed fuel wars of Africa – Biofuel conflicts in Ghana and Ethiopia

In Ghana and Ethiopia, the anticipated positive local economic effects of the cultivation of biofuel stock have been counterbalanced by disputes between local farmers and largely foreign biofuel stock companies. Land has been sold to foreign investors without prior acknowledgement of local land tenure practices, proper institutional arrangements or adequate income compensation. How can future land tenure conflicts in these countries be avoided?

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