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Rojan Bolling

Rojan Bolling

Rojan is a knowledge broker for Sahel Watch, the Inclusive Economy Africa, and the Inclusive Economy Europe programmes at The Broker. Rojan has a degree in social and cultural anthropology from VU University Amsterdam, where he gained a Master of Science specializing in Human Security. He is broadly interested in the field of international development, specific topics of interest include human security, peacebuilding, nationalist politics and conflict prevention. He has also been involved in The Broker's work for various knowledge platforms on Security Rule of Law, Inclusive Development (INCLUDE), and Food & Business.

Check your assumptions at the door: examining three common beliefs about youth agripreneurship

Youth agripreneurship, especially in the African context, is seen as an innovative, cross-cutting approach to tackle a multiplex of challenges, including youth unemployment and indecent employment, food insecurity and climate change.

Harnessing the power of youth in agriculture: A new report and policy brief on inclusive agripreneurship in Africa

We are excited to announce our new report and policy brief on inclusive youth agripreneurship in Africa, the result of a collaborative project, led by The Broker with the Netherlands Food Partnership and INCLUDE.

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  • 31 January, 2023

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Four myths about flexible programming that limit I/NGO effectiveness in protracted crises

For some time now, the call for more flexible approaches to programming in protracted crises has gained support in the community of humanitarian and development professionals. A call that has gained new momentum since the global Covid-19 crisis. Flexible programming allows organisations to remain relevant in fluid environments like humanitarian crises, or while building resilience to shocks and stresses such as drought or local conflict.

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New guidance available: Flexible livelihoods and food security programming in fragile settings

What room is there for flexibility in current Dutch funded food security programming in fragile settings? This question prompted the launch of a project at the end of 2021, that was to be delivered jointly by NFP, The Broker and ZOA. The primary goal of the project was to create the tools for both INGOs and policymakers, to take advantage of space for flexible programming that might otherwise be overlooked. The guidance developed in the course of this project is now available for use.

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