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Rojan Bolling

Rojan Bolling

Rojan is a knowledge broker for Sahel Watch, the Inclusive Economy Africa, and the Inclusive Economy Europe programmes at The Broker. Rojan has a degree in social and cultural anthropology from VU University Amsterdam, where he gained a Master of Science specializing in Human Security. He is broadly interested in the field of international development, specific topics of interest include human security, peacebuilding, nationalist politics and conflict prevention. He has also been involved in The Broker's work for various knowledge platforms on Security Rule of Law, Inclusive Development (INCLUDE), and Food & Business.

Adaptive programme management in fragile and complex settings

Practice note providing insight into the core aspects of adaptive programme management strategies with concrete examples from practice

Indicators for the nexus between food systems and stability

Discussion paper mapping the indicators used by various donor organizations and INGOs in areas linked to the nexus between food systems and stability.

How can FNS programming ‘do good’ in fragile settings?

On 1 February The Broker, supported by the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP), organized a workshop to conclude its project on conflict sensitive Food and Nutrition Security (FNS) programming in fragile settings

‘Research & policy: two peas in a pod?’ Impressions of a food security impact dialogue

The conference on ‘Research & policy: two peas in a pod?’ aimed to strengthen the link between researchers, their stakeholders, and policymakers in the broad field of food security.

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  • 20 December, 2017

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