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Rojan Bolling

Rojan Bolling

Rojan is a knowledge broker for Sahel Watch, the Inclusive Economy Africa, and the Inclusive Economy Europe programmes at The Broker. Rojan has a degree in social and cultural anthropology from VU University Amsterdam, where he gained a Master of Science specializing in Human Security. He is broadly interested in the field of international development, specific topics of interest include human security, peacebuilding, nationalist politics and conflict prevention. He has also been involved in The Broker's work for various knowledge platforms on Security Rule of Law, Inclusive Development (INCLUDE), and Food & Business.

The Broker’s top recommended articles of 2016

With the start of a new year, the time has come to reflect on what has passed and look towards what is to come in 2017. A shortlist of 5 unmissable articles published by The Broker in 2016 provides a great start.

Can we make the UN mission in Mali more effective?

Four academics from different backgrounds presented solutions on the current issues experienced on the ground in Mali, debating them with a societal panel and the audience.

Is forcing Libya to accept a unity government really the way forward?

Fast tracking a unity government does not unify a country, rushing this through will only advance Libyan fragmentation.

Can the new EU global strategy achieve unity in diversity?

How will the EU develop its role as an actor in an increasingly multipolar world? Next June we will know, when the EU High Representative Federica Mogherini presents her new global strategy for the European Union External Action Service.

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