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Sara Murawski

Sara Murawski

Sara Murawski is policy advisor Europe, Finance and International Trade Treaties at the Dutch Socialist Party. She is a former project editor on inequality at The Broker. She graduated in philosophy, with a thesis on false consciousness. Her main fields of interest are socioeconomic and political issues.

Inequality and the post-2015 agenda

Apart from being a media partner at the EADI conference The Broker also took part, presenting a panel on inequality and the post-2015 agenda. During a session of almost two hours the panel provided an update on global inequality trends, based on the most recent studies and publications.

Gini, Palma and the median inequality indicator – Sub-debate on measuring inequality

Inequality indicators play an important role in the process of choosing the post-2015 goals. Related to this issue is the question of what level of inequality is acceptable – a certain amount of inequality can stimulate economic growth, but too much has many detrimental effects on society.

Inequality is politics report: Inequality and the post-2015 agenda

Inequality is the result of political choices. It is now a growing worldwide problem that causes social problems, financial instability and hinders economic growth. These were some of the key messages from The Broker’s panel at the recent Development Studies Association conference in Birmingham.

Tackling inequality to achieve inclusive growth – Insights and conclusions from The Broker’s debate on inequality

Inequality rates continue to soar all over the world despite falling poverty rates and global GDP growth. The world’s richest 1% own 40% of global wealth, while the bottom half own only 1%. To improve our understanding of inequality and to identify ways to tackle it, The Broker launched an international online debate. This debate learns that we need a better understanding of what we measure, plus new policies that can spur an inclusive economy.

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