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Sara Murawski

Sara Murawski

Sara Murawski is policy advisor Europe, Finance and International Trade Treaties at the Dutch Socialist Party. She is a former project editor on inequality at The Broker. She graduated in philosophy, with a thesis on false consciousness. Her main fields of interest are socioeconomic and political issues.

Towards an inclusive economy

‘Spurring economic transition’ is the follow-up to The Broker’s debate on inequality. What are the most important conclusions of the inequality debate that it needs to address?

MDGs have ignored inequality – inequalities and the post-2015 agenda

Social exclusion and inequality have been neglected in the Millennium Development Goal framework and their structural causes need to be addressed in a systematic way. That is the main conclusion from the UN Development Programme’s consultation on inequalities as part of the post-2015 agenda.

The Broker Day on inclusive growth

On 31 January, as a follow-up to the Inequality Dossier and the subsequent online inequality debate, the Broker organized its first The Broker Day. A room full of experts discussed the policy steps that the international community – and the Netherlands in particular – must take to reduce inequality on a worldwide scale.

‘The global economy is disequalizing’

Interview with Ted Schrecker: ‘There is widespread recognition that the dynamics of the global economy work in the direction of increased inequality. And there is very little reason to expect that to change over the short term.’

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