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Sara Murawski

Sara Murawski

Sara Murawski is policy advisor Europe, Finance and International Trade Treaties at the Dutch Socialist Party. She is a former project editor on inequality at The Broker. She graduated in philosophy, with a thesis on false consciousness. Her main fields of interest are socioeconomic and political issues.

How the World Bank, IMF and OECD changed their course. Or did they? – OECD: ‘Governments can and should act’

In recent years, the World Bank, IMF and the OECD have changed their position on inequality. But to what extent has their recent focus on inequality been directly translated into policy recommendations and measures? And what might the underlying motivations be?

Putting inequality on the map – Inequality is rising on a global scale

In recent decades, inequality has been increasing worldwide. Although the middle classes are growing, most of the world’s population continues to live close to the poverty lines. ‘Emerging giants’ India and China are witnessing soaring inequality rates, but Latin America is making improvements.

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