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Sasha Jesperson

Sasha Jesperson

Sasha Jesperson is a Research Analyst with the National Security and Resilience Studies programme at RUSI. Her research interests include organised crime, particularly in relation to strategies to address it, connections to security and development, law enforcement and counter narcotics. She is also interested in the motivations of individuals engaged in organised crime and the rapidly evolving nature of organised crime groups. Sasha is finalising her doctoral research at the London School of Economics, which examines international initiatives to address organised crime through peacebuilding missions under the framework of the security-development nexus. She also completed an MSc in Human Rights at the London School of Economics and worked for Amnesty International, primarily focused on human rights in conflict and post-conflict contexts.

Poverty and unemployment encourage organized crime

While cocaine flows through West Africa may have declined, the structures that facilitated trafficking are still in place.

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